The Octavia Rose Story

This is Octavia Rose

Octopussy Jewels now Octavia Rose was born in Florence, the heart of small artisanal shops with beautiful designs sourced and made locally.

Our founder Octavia Ayrton-Grime loves the handmade luxury feel that the city is radiating which is unfazed by mass production and has no home for branded chains. She used the values and all the other beautiful things that Florence has to offer when she shaped and launched Octopussy Jewels in 2019.

Her beaded designs are associated with an understated luxury that brings a unique touch to your look. The OR pieces are made to last whilst making you look effortlessly cool and feel like you have become the best version of yourself.

At Octavia Rose, we are striving to make better choices everyday in our internal and external activities. We want to make the world a better place and we are taking all the conscious decisions to do our part in this beautiful world. As we are evolving into a lifestyle brand we will always bring out the best in you when you style yourself with Octavia Rose.